Small Groups

Confirmation 2018:  We’re embarking on a journey of faithful exploration with our young people.  Upcoming dates are Sunday Jan 21, Sunday Feb 11, and Sunday March 11, 9:00-4:00 pm.  All these dates include breakfast and worship.  We look forward to a service of Confirmation during our Easter Worship on April 1, 2018.  Contact Carolyn Smith for more information.

Learning Groups
Small groups are formed throughout the year for Adult Education. Here we learn about our faith, explore new directions in Theology, examine concerns around daily living, and discuss current affairs in the light of our faith.

Some of the programmes and topics we have considered recently are below. Checkout the events page for upcoming education groups.

  • Spirituality and the Arts (a three event series)
    1. Spirituality and Photography
    2. Spirituality and Art
    3. Spirituality and Music
  • A twelve session study using the book Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong.
  • Several series of DVD presentations produced by the Living the Questions group.
  • 7 week programme discussing the book With or Without God by Gretta Vosper and a field trip to visit her church, West Hill United Church.
  • Sessions before worship on Sunday around Wonder Cafe issues.
  • Throughout the year events are sponsored by Compassionate Care.

Applewood Book Club
September 2015 begins our 10th year of reading and discussing of our favourite books. Read More…

Knitting Circle
Our dedicated knitters meet together every other Thursday. This is part of an initiative called the Prayer Shawl Ministry. As the knitters knit, they also pray and their prayers are woven into the stitches of their work. These shawls are then presented to members of our congregation who in nursing homes, hospital, are shut-in, grieving, facing illness, or death. As they get together and knit, they also take care of each other. Read More…