Our History

In the fall of 2003, as Applewood United Church was preparing to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the congregations of Bethesda of Forest Glen and St. Luke’s-on-the-Hill joined Applewood to form the NEW Applewood congregation. For the subsequent few years we have been enjoyably employed getting to know each other and merging our traditions.

In 2004 Applewood continued a major sanctuary renovation program begun in 2002. We added more storage and updated the acoustics in the auditorium, improved the front entrance with a portico roof and driveway drop-off, reconfigured to create more office space, renovated an upstairs chapel to create the Lawrence Purdy Learning Centre, and added an elevator to the second floor.

In 2005 we embarked on a project to create a new Vision for Applewood with the input, hopes and dreams of all. Our implementation of that vision continues.

Our Past