The Applewood United Church Choir is an enthusiastic, caring group that enjoys singing together and participating in worship.  We share the familiarity and beauty of favourite anthems and hymns and face the challenges of new music and ways of worship together.

We currently rehearse on Thursday nights at 7pm via ZOOM.  It is actually a ‘hybrid’ rehearsal – Choir Director Christina Mulligan plus three additional singers lead the rehearsal from the church, sending the piano and vocals through ZOOM to choir members that rehearse and sing from home.  After practice the choir uses vocal tracks with headphones and then ‘sing and record’ their own solo voice which is then sent in via email.  These solo vocal tracks are then combined together on the computer, one by one to form a ‘virtual choir’ recording.

These full choir recordings are featured on podcasts and ZOOM services.

What our ‘hybrid’ choir rehearsal looks like with Christina and a few choir members
singing from the parlour and others zooming in – they’re on the big screen!


Watch our choir videos!