Applewood Youth Group


Youth Group meets September to May

Please contact the office for updates on scheduled programming.

Every Thursday  7-9 pm     Grade 7 and up (Ages 12+)
Every Sunday am during worship time   (Ages 10+)

What’s Youth Group for? We decided it was for stuff that matters to us. Choices. Multicultural lives. Poverty awareness. Earth. Friendships. Inclusive to all. LGBTQ-friendly. Faith. Self. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re finding our way forward in a safe place.


Thursdays (7-9 pm; grade 7 and up) a mix of fun/hanging out, with substance. What matters to you? We take a theme and work it out, we talk, play ping pong, eat, watch stuff, listen to Music that matters. We challenge each other. There is room for all – we’re differently-abled, diverse backgrounds, athletic or artistic – but we all come open to one another.

Sundays (10:45-11:30 am; ages 10+) Seeking meaning? Checking out church? Start in Worship at 10:30 all together, then youth 10+ drop downstairs part way through. A chance to mix life & faith together, exploring how it looks for us. Look at what God is doing in our world & in us. Welcome, wondering, and open to your ideas.

Alternative Events Overnight retreats, field trips, Skyzone, laser tag, outings, mission opportunities, Confirmation, camping – as planned. Our GO Project missions and leadership opportunities are supported by the congregation.

Network Matters Teens have awesome capacity & we strengthen that with a wider network. We’re supported by a mix of adults & parents who care, drive, cook, listen, and respond. Parents: Let Ian know if there is a theme, idea, concern or solution we can explore.

See our Bulletin Board about our schedule.

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Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Carolyn Smith