Mississauga United Church Youth Group


Thursday meetings twice a month –  7-9 pm – Youth Group Schedule

The Family Life Team at Applewood is excited to begin offering a combined youth group with Christ First United for grade 7 and up (Ages 12+). We hope to have more youth and churches involved with this program to grow Mississauga’s United Church Youth Group.

The meeting night will remain on Thursdays, twice a month alternating between Applewood and Christ First United Churches.  Please see updates in the weekly AppleLog or on the schedule above for more information as this program progresses.

What’s Youth Group for? We decided it was for stuff that matters to us. Choices. Multicultural lives. Poverty awareness. Earth. Friendships. Inclusive to all. LGBTQ-friendly. Faith. Self. We don’t have all the answers, but we’re finding our way forward in a safe place.


A mix of fun/hanging out, with substance. What matters to you? We take a theme and work it out, we talk, play ping pong, eat, watch stuff, listen to Music that matters. We challenge each other. There is room for all – we’re differently-abled, diverse backgrounds, athletic or artistic – but we all come open to one another.

Alternative Events Overnight retreats, field trips, Skyzone, laser tag, outings, mission opportunities, Confirmation, camping – as planned. Our GO Project missions and leadership opportunities are supported by the congregation.

Network Matters Teens have awesome capacity & we strengthen that with a wider network. We’re supported by a mix of adults & parents who care, drive, cook, listen, and respond. Parents: Let Ian know if there is a theme, idea, concern or solution we can explore.

See our Bulletin Board about our schedule.

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Thursday 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Carolyn Smith