Our Vision

“Daring to be a Transforming Church”

In 2006, after an extensive consultative process, Applewood United Church adopted a new vision for the congregation and its ministry.  We will dare to be a “Transforming Church”.  We want to be a church that ‘transforms’ people, so that people can truly say, ‘Belonging to this church makes a real difference to my life’.  

  • We will be ‘spiritually alive’. We will express this in a new approach to worship, learning and small group ministries. We will become a welcoming and inclusive Christian community.
  • We will serve the local community through outreach incentives that have been carefully and thoughtfully considered.
  • Existing compassionate care will be enlarged and supported by training.
  • We will have a new, enabling system of governance and leadership development. This will include the selection, training and support of volunteers.
  • We will emphasize ‘making ourselves known’ in the community.

Living our Vision

The vision provides the lens through which we communicate, develop and evaluate our ministry as a congregation.  Our work continues.