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Celebrate Life Events at Applewood
Rev. Joanne Hedge

A Message about Weddings
A wedding is a life-changing event. Most cultures around the world have developed rituals that serve to help people to not only celebrate but also communicate a sense of the importance, and lasting impact, of the event. At Applewood United Church, we offer couples the opportunity to draw on the resources of the Christian faith to celebrate their wedding day. Our Minister enjoys helping couples with their wedding plans. For more information on Weddings, see our Weddings Page.

Please accept the condolences of the Applewood congregation on the death of your loved one.
Our minister, Rev. Joanne Hedge, is available to help you plan a funeral or memorial service at Applewood United Church. Support services are also provided by other individuals. For more information on funerals, see our Funerals Page.

Gifts and Memorials
Have you been considering a gift to honour a special friend or relative?  Perhaps the Gifts and Memorials Trust is your answer.  Donations may be made to Applewood United Church in honour of someone.  For more information on the Gifts and Memorials Trust, see our Memorials Page.

Rentals Rates and Guidelines
Please click here to see the Rental Application Form and Guidelines.