Church Life

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Applewood offers many ways for our members, regardless of age, to enrich our spiritual life, share our talents, stories and dreams with others, learn more about our faith, and get to know our travelling companions on the journey.

For those with the gift of music, our choirs, both adult and Sunday school, share their music on Sunday.

Our children’s and family programs are varied.  Our active Youth Group meets every other Thursday evening.  For more information click here.

Small groups, an ever growing part of our ministry, provide an opportunity to share and grow and really get to know each other. Our small groups include bible study, learning series, in-depth book study, the book club, women’s spirituality and the knitting circle.

Daytime seniors groups meet in fellowship.

Groups provide compassionate caring to those in need of prayers, visits, transportation, or a friendly voice from time to time.

The Lawrence Purdy Learning Centre offers the latest in reading material on ethics, theology, and spirituality as well as a quiet place to read, surf the net, or meet together.

Confirmation is a time for youth to explore their faith and their relationship to the church, leading to a celebration of their process in late Spring. This program is not offered every year.  An introduction event will be offered for parents and youth to see what it means to you, and discuss the program of dates and events for learning. Shared leadership with Rev. Joanne and Carolyn Smith. Call us at the church for more information.