A Message about Weddings
A wedding is a life-changing event. At Applewood United Church, we offer couples the opportunity to draw on the resources of the Christian faith to celebrate their wedding day. Couples may be married regardless of race, creed, colour, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. Our Ministers, Rev. Joanne Hedge and Carolyn Smith enjoy helping couples with their wedding plans. Please see our inclusive wedding policy. Here are some things to consider:

1. Call the Church Office at 905 277-4162 to see if the day and time you wish to be married is available.

2. Make arrangements for a preliminary meeting with the Minister to talk about your plans. We suggest that you come to a 10:30 a.m. Sunday worship service and talk with the Minister afterward. This gives you a chance to see the Sanctuary, and to observe the Minister’s style of worship leadership. For this first meeting, please bring your calendar, so that we can set up another time to meet, to talk about the details of the wedding service. Please also bring the completed Marriage Information Sheet and your deposit (see #4 below).

3. A rehearsal, if needed, will be arranged with the Minister at the time of your first meeting.

4. The day and time of the wedding will be considered “booked” when you have met with the Minister and the Office Administrator has received your $200 deposit. (Read more about the deposit under “Fee Schedule”.)

5. Our Music Director, Christina Mulligan, is happy to help you with your choices for music for the service and with coordinating use of guest musicians. She will be in touch with you as soon as you have “booked” the wedding.

6. You are free to bring flowers and other decorations into the Sanctuary for your wedding service. Please consult with the Minister about your plans.

7. Parking at the Church is limited. We encourage you to ask your guests to drop passengers off at our front door. The driver is welcome to use the Applewood Village Plaza parking lot at the front (south) side of the plaza, and then return to the Church.

8. Please talk to the Minister about your plans to photograph or videotape the wedding.

9. We do not allow the use of confetti, rice or other materials inside or outside the Church building.

10. Marriages licenses are available at any municipal office in Ontario. Please bring the license to the Church Office with your final payment, at least 3 weeks before your wedding date. Weddings will not take place if full payment is not received in advance of the wedding date.

Fee Schedule & Payments
The services / staff listed below are essential for a wedding to take place at Applewood United Church and are non-negotiable. For most weddings, the costs related to the Church are usually amongst the lowest the couple will encounter.

Use of Church Sanctuary $400.00
Officiating Minister $300.00  ($350 if offsite)
Music Director $175.00
Audio/Visual Technician $50.00

We require a (non-refundable) deposit of $200.00 received at the Church Office to consider a wedding to be “booked”. The balance must be paid at least 3 weeks before the date of the wedding. We do not accept post-dated cheques, and cheques returned NSF will result in the immediate cancellation of the wedding. Please consult the Church Office for the names of the individuals who will be assisting at the service, and forward separate cheques for the amounts listed above to the Church Office.

Please call the Church Office at 905 277-4162, or e-mail to check on the date you had in mind for your wedding.