Privacy Policy

Website Publishing Policy For Applewood United Church

1. The website is an important and accessible source of information for members of our church family, and for those in the community who might be encouraged to join with us.

2. Visitors can access and browse this website without disclosing personal data.

3. We will not divulge, disclose or distribute personal information to any third party.

4. It is the intention of Applewood United Church to post the church newsletter ( The Applewood News) and the Annual Report (both subsequently referred to in the guidelines as the newsletter) on the church’s website.

The following procedural guidelines will ensure personal confidentiality and provide informed consent.

  • The editor and the editorial board will prepare two parallel editions of the newsletter, one for distribution to members and adherents of the congregation in print form; and the other, with the appropriate omissions and deletions, for posting on the website.
  • Photographs will not show names of the persons in the photographs. Where there are children under 18 years in the photograph, the photo will not appear in the website version of the newsletter unless written consent is obtained from the child’s parent. Consent forms are printed and are available at the church.
  • Persons submitting reports or articles for the newsletter should not include home phone numbers or e-mail addresses. If there are portions of the report that the author does not wish to appear on the website, it is the author’s responsibility to so indicate at the time of submitting the report or article to the editor.
  • At the discretion of the editor and the webmaster, the previous newsletter will be removed from the website at the time the most recent newsletter is posted.

5. All other material posted on the Applewood website or any other website must be approved by the General Chair and/or members of the Executive Committee.

Original Policy approved by Executive Committee on April 8, 2008.
Amended Policy approved by Executive Committee on January 13, 2009.